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Free Sports Picks Free Daily Sports Picks Bet at 5dimes

Free Sports Picks - NBA and College Basketball, MLB!

Welcome to USA Sports Consulting FREE SPORTS PICKS and Professional Handicapping sports service. USA Sports Consulting is THE premiere free sports picks and sports handicapping web site on the Internet today.  Let USA Sports Consulting make your sports viewing more enjoyable by acting as your consulting service. Join today and see why USA Sports Consulting is the best in the industry! For the visitors of the site, make sure to check out our free daily sports picks before you purchase our picks to make sure your getting some free winners!  Click here to buy today's picks!  Also be sure to check out the free sports picks page!

Brian Smith and Earl Morgan have been in the professional handicapping business since 2001. We have had even more years experience in handicapping sporting events. We have won several handicapping awards over the internet since we started, including 4 titles in the Ultimate Handicapping Challenge. We also offer live sports odds direct from Bodog Sportsbook.

Throughout the entire year, we will be offering FREE NFL picks, FREE Basketball picks, College Football, and Baseball picks. If you want to subscribe to our free Newsletter, scroll back up to the top of the screen and fill in your email address.

Be sure to check out our wide variety of sports picks packages. We offer daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual sports picks packages for your convenience.

Free Sports Picks

Free Sports Picks
Free Sports Picks